The Book of Miura-sensei

The Book of Miura-sensei

There are crossroads where turn of World history is possible. The effort to make this turn may be nothing at the moment when it is done, but it may lead to significant consequences in succeeding years.

Sometimes I think that if the book «Go: An Asian Paradigm for Business Strategy» had been written in 1932, the world history would have gone a different way.
Many people know that Soviet Union had constructed the World intellectual empire of Chess and grasped leadership in this field.
That leadership was not damaged by following USSR’s collapse and reorganization of post-Soviet republics. It was a hand-made miracle – a victory of the country and a society!

Just imaging – what if, using the game of Go as the basis of such system instead, our country had constructed the similar Go empire – the one that would have been leading in the World? The empire that can produce strategically thinking people in army, politics, economics, state and social system?

* * *

About the author. Miura Yasuyuki is the special person, from a galaxy of special people. One of those who created Japanese «Miracle». These people are still among us – and usual standards are not applicable to them.

So, who is Miura-sensei? A Master of Go? A Master of business? A Master of strategy? A Master of Life? During his career, he had invested millions of dollars in USA and Japan economies, built hotels, developed new horizons – and had been constantly developing himself.
Combining his business experience and Go philosophy, Miura-sensei concluded that Go can be used as the foundation of the new approach to modern business and political strategy.

This book is a look at modern business using centuries-old wisdom of East thinkers. Step by step the author accompanies reader on his trip to the beautiful territory of Go, explain difficult rules concepts, transforms uncertain associations into practical recommendations, and constructs the bridge between the game of Go and the world of real business .

Business is not a war, believe in Japan. The true nature of any business is a harmonious coexistence.

* * *
On behalf of all Russian readers, we would like to thank mister Miura Yasuyuki, one of the greatest Japanese thinkers of the present time, for his wonderful gift to all Russian readers – the free-of-charge right to translate and print 5000 copies of his book in Russian. We are also very proud of the foreword for that mister Miura has written specifically for this first Russian edition.

Mikhail Emelyanov, Vice-president of the Go Federation, 2004. Translated by Victor Kryukov.

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